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please email for other prices. Thank You

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping (Based on Pheasant weights) 50 100 200 360 1000
Express Mail for Chicks
Priority Mail for Eggs
May take 2 days if over 500 miles





In order to insure live delivery of chicks we use Express Mail service from the USPS Minimum order: 50 Eggs/Chicks

Please Confirm your shipping address, phone number and email address when ordering.

To Order:

  • Call 413-648-9580 or email ffgf@fullflight.com
  • 5% extra chicks included at no charge
  • Pheasant chicks are available from April 1st. through mid-August.

  • How to Cancel if needed:
    If you you must cancel your order, please notify us at least 3-4 weeks prior to your ship date to receive a full refund. Cancelling your order with less than 3 weeks notice will be subject to a cancellation fee. On orders cancelled within two weeks of the delivery date we reserve the right to keep the full payment.


    Full payment on shipped orders; minimum 25% deposit on picked up orders. Both payments are due at least 4 weeks prior to hatch date. Orders that are not paid in full 3 weeks before shipping are subject to cancellation.

    Health Certificate:

    Add $10 if you live in Hawaii, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Massachusetts, Missouri, & North Dakota.
    Add $70 for chicks shipped to Canada.
    Please call us for a quote on overseas orders.

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife

    Add $55 inspection fee for Canadian and foreign shipments.

    Please Remember:

  • If you order different breeds of chicks or eggs and you need to be kept separate in the shipping cartons, you must specify this when you order.

  • For chicks shipped by mail: you must examine the chicks in the presence of a Postal clerk - if there are any problems you must initiate a claim in front of the postal clerk. The Post Office will have claim forms available.

  • Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Conneticut customers: note that it is very possible that your chicks will arrive the same day that they are shipped.

  • All Massachusetts customers: Pheasants are game birds - it is your responsibility to obtain a game farm license and inform us of your license number.

    • International: Documentation Fees are $230.00. Plus an additional $125.00 which includes fees for health certificates & US Fish & Wildlife Inspection.
    • International: We need to know what health requirements your country needs and what health certificates our vet would have to sign and send with the eggs.
    • International: Postage or Freight is additional. Please place orders as early as possible.



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